Agate and Elm’s New Stuff

Amy Wyckoff of Agate and Elm has been pretty busy crafting some new pieces of wearable art.  Check out her new stuff below then visit her website to buy something nice for yourself.


Two-Month-Old Baby Portrait Session South Charlotte – Welcome to the world Vincent III


Vincent III was born on 11-5-12.  Two months later I had the pleasure of photographing this precious baby boy and his incredibly loving parents, LaToya and Vincent Jr.  Baby Vincent was the most laid back infant I have ever photographed—putting up with all the wardrobe changes and  silly positions.  He did not fuss until the very end.  Even then, it only lasted about one minute—just long enough for me to snap the last shot.  Thank you LaToya and Vincent for a wonderful afternoon and congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family.




Photographing the Children of Cambodia

What I found most striking about these beautiful children was the smiles on their faces despite the circumstances they are in.  As I ventured around, camera in hand,  they didn’t ask me for money, they just wanted to put up peace sign fingers and smile for the camera. These children, with so little means, taught me about happiness. For the first time I finally understood that true joy comes from within us, not from some external force.




Click to see additional images of Cambodia in black and white

Daily Life in Cambodia

Here are some more images of my journey to Cambodia. I have one more set to share and hope to post those soon.  I will let these images speak for themselves …






Getting around in Phnom Penh

I’d never been to Southeast Asia and aside from visiting my grandfather in Cuba  and watching movies filmed in India, I had nothing to base my expectations on for this journey.  I knew only to keep my eyes, my heart and my mind open and to keep my camera accessible at all times.   What fascinates me about the Cambodian people is their ingeniousness — their ability to use what little they have to create what they need. These pictures are still frames of a city in constant movement — not just of children using bikes as garbage trucks or women transporting goods on their heads, but really of a lifestyle difficult to define without experiencing it.  In the thickness of disarray I witnessed the existence of structure.  As a spectator, it was hard to see past the chaos of multiple scooters and tuk-tuks buzzing around the streets in a myriad of different directions with little aid from traffic lanes or stop lights.  But upon looking further I noticed a working system based on a cohesive consciousness — a hyper-awareness of one’s surroundings that allowed for the merging of all things.



Waiting for Vincent Jr.

Vincent III.  is due on October 31 … will he be a halloween baby or not? Either way, I can’t wait to meet him.


Agate and Elm

Amy Wyckoff  describes her jewelry as “a reflection on the organic world, inspired by landforms, minerals, bodies of water, and botany, while at the same time playing with these natural designs to create jewelry that is stylish and comfortable to wear.”  Working with sterling silver, brass and copper she creates really beautiful and durable wearable art.  It was wonderful to photograph her work.  Visit her website for more info about her jewelry (and buy something while you’re there).



Fresh Out of the Oven

I had the privilege of photographing Andres a few days after he was born.  I can’t think of anything sweeter.

IMG_9046-2.jpgIMG_9506.jpgIMG_9481.jpgIMG_9059-2.jpgIMG_9064-2.jpgIMG_9189-2.jpgIMG_9232-2.jpgc54-IMG_9360-2-Edit.jpgIMG_9086-2.jpgIMG_9366-2.jpgIMG_9455.jpgIMG_9234-2.jpgIMG_9388.jpgIMG_9291-2.jpgIMG_9307-2.jpgIMG_9315-2.jpgIMG_9372-2.jpgIMG_9428-2.jpgIMG_9456.jpgtwo feet.jpg

Waiting for Andres

Lesly and Jose are having a baby.  I had a lot of fun capturing their playfulness and deep love.  These two will be wonderful parents.  Can’t wait to meet baby Andres on the other side.


2876 Elk Ridge Road

From the moment the gates open, you feel you’ve entered a magic fairy land.  I cannot believe this estate has been placed on the market.  Enjoy the few images below or click on the link to see a short video featuring the images I shot.  Enjoy the stunning views and unbelievable beauty.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to buy it.



2876 Elk Ridge Road