Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Jeffrey Hatcher’s play adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde opens at CAST in Noda on October 13th, and I was asked to shoot some images for the promotional posters.  While I can’t share those with you yet, I can share the character headshots I took.  The idea was to play around with each character’s light and darkness.  Some of them are a little bit creepy …

Jekyll and Hyde Headshots-6.jpgJekyll and Hyde Headshots-2.jpgJekyll and Hyde Headshots-5.jpgJekyll and Hyde Headshots-8.jpgJekyll and Hyde Headshots.jpgJekyll and Hyde Headshots-3.jpgJekyll and Hyde Headshots-4.jpgian jh-3.jpgJekyll and Hyde Headshots-7.jpg