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Top 5 Charlotte Actor Headshots of 2014

Happy 2015! Now that we’ve started a new year, I wanted to take a moment and share my favorite 5 (ok…6) headshots of 2014 with all you lovely people and tell you a bit about my process.

Creating a headshot for an actor is an incredibly rewarding task for me. As a portrait photographer, I am fixated on telling an entire story in one lone image. I believe an actor’s headshot must do exactly this. I aim to tell your personal story—to set you apart from the other actors that look very similar to you. During a headshot consultation, I ask questions to learn more about your specific castability, the types of roles you enjoy playing most, how you want to be viewed by a casting director or potential new agent, the features you love most about yourself and what you like to do for fun. Questions like these allow me to get to the essence of who you are not only as an actor, but also as an individual. I use my camera to capture glimpses of your authentic personality and in turn create a headshot that is going to demand attention from a casting director, producer, or agent. Your headshot is your calling card—what do you want it to say?

Actors should have at least two headshots—a theatrical headshot and a commercial headshot. In this way you can say more than one thing and specifically meet the casting needs of a project.  The beauty of a headshot session is having the time to create several different looks—even my basic package offers enough time for two different styles.

I’ll say one last thing before I share my favorite actor’s headshots of 2014…your headshot needs to look like you. The last thing you want is to walk into an audition room where a casting director is unable to easily recognize you from your headshot. For this reason, I highly recommend updating your headshot regularly. I also suggest keeping your makeup simple, wearing what you would normally wear for an audition to your headshot session, and not over accessorizing. On my end, I use a soft hand when photoshopping images—basically I just edit blemishes, even out skin tones and barely minimize lines, because the purpose of an actor’s headshot is to be seen as you are.

#5. Creating a headshot for a teen can be a bit tricky sometimes. Some teens are uncomfortable with their image and almost want to keep others from seeing who they truly are. This was not the case here. This teen’s headshot exudes confidence, joy, and organic inquisitiveness. It reflects who she is. During our session we discussed her love of theatre, her family, and her goals for the future.

Natural Actor Headshots Charlotte NC Copyright © Elizabeth Ortiz Photography

Natural Teen Actor Headshot Charlotte, NC

#4. I love this commercial headshot. Every time I look at it I feel good. That is my #1 prerequisite for creating a commercial headshot. It must be infused with joy! The smile is natural, the background is inviting but not overwhelming, and my thought is, “I want to buy what she is selling!”

Actor Headshots Photographer Charlotte, NC Copyright © Elizabeth Ortiz Photography

Charlotte Commercial Actor Headshot

#3.  I want to know what this person is thinking. There is a gentle mischievousness in her expression, her eyes are inviting, and the light calming tones nicely contrast her dark, rich hair.

Professional Headshot Photographer Charlotte, NC

Professional Headshot Photographer Charlotte

#2. Hello happiness! All I can say is, this is what authentic joy looks like. Can you look at this child actor’s headshot without smiling? I can’t.

Child Actor Headshots Photographer Charlotte, NC Copyright © Elizabeth Ortiz Photography

Charlotte Child Actor Headshot

#1. I took this actor’s headshot at the very start of 2014! I’m still drawn to it whenever it comes up in my file catalogue. It is stunningly simple. The light was just right and her eyes pull me in every time. What I love most about this headshot is that we get a real sense of her natural beauty. This is a wonderful example of an actor’s headshot accurately reflecting who she truly is.

Headshots for Actors Photographer Charlotte NC Copyright © Elizabeth Ortiz Photography

Simple Actor’s Headshot Charlotte, NC


Okay…I had to sneak this one in. Technically this isn’t a headshot you would hand-in at a callback, but I just love it—so I’m throwing it in!  This actor’s headshot says it all without saying a word. I know the costume adds a level of intrigue, but I want to know this guy’s story.

Charlotte Character Headshot photographerCopyright © Elizabeth Ortiz Photography

Character Actor Headshot Charlotte, NC

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Ballantyne Family Portrait Photographer – The Jenkins

Family Portrait Photographer Charlotte.jpgFamily Portrait Photographer Charlotte-2.jpgBest Family Portrait Charlotte, NC.jpgModern Lifestyle Family Photographer Ballantyne.jpgDaddy and little girl photoshoot Charlotte.jpgBeautiful little girl with dad photoshoot Charlotte.jpgCharlotte Child Photographer.jpgMom and Daughter Portrait Charlotte.jpgBallantyne Family Photographer.jpgMommy and Little Girl Photo.jpgFun Family Photo Ballantyne.jpgCharlotte Lifestyle Photographer_.jpgModern Lifestyle Family Photograher Ballantyne-2.jpgCharlotte Modern Lifestyle Family Photograher.jpgFall Family Portraits Charlotte.jpgHoliday Family Portraits Charlotte.jpgBeautiful Fall Family Portraits Ballantyne.jpgBest Ballantyne Family Photographer.jpgBest Child Photographer Ballantyne.jpgBest Child Photographer Charlotte.jpgModern Child Photographer Charlotte, NC.jpgNatural Child Photographer Charlotte, NC.jpgBallantyne Family Photographer.jpgBallantyne Natural Light Family Photographer.jpgModern Ballantyne Family Photographer_.jpgBest Charlotte Photographer.jpgBest Engagement Photographer Charlotte, NC.jpg

Jumping into a pile of leaves. Vibrant yellows, oranges and reds.  Pumpkin pie.  Perfect crisp weather. Busting out the scarves.  Those are just a few reasons I LOVE fall. It is also my favorite time to photograph families.  There is so much to capture … so much fun to be had, and nature lends a big hand in creating a beautiful backdrop.

On Sunday, I got to spend part of the afternoon photographing the absolutely gorgeous Madison and her awesome parents, Nicole and Jimmy.  If I could only use one word to describe Madison I’d say:  Joy.  From her contagious giggle to her playful nature, she was a true joy to work with.  Jimmy and Nicole’s love for each other and their little girl was easy to capture because it was so natural.  I felt lucky to be around so much love and authentic kindness.  It was a perfect afternoon.  Slightly overcast, but dry … with tons and tons of leaves.

My mission as a family photographer is to make photographs my clients will not only love, but also to make the process of creating those photographs fun, engaging and a memorable experience on its own.  I hope I accomplished my mission on Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving Jenkins gang.  And thank you so much for the opportunity to spend time with such an incredible family.


Newborn Baby Photographer Charlotte, Bodhi’s First Family Portrait Session

I’ve photographed a fair amount of babies but I have never met a newborn that was as alert, active and curious as Bodhi. This little baby was a joy to photograph because he had so many expressions.  I was also impressed by his older sister, Lucy, the Weimaraner/Chocolate Lab mix.  She was incredibly gentle with the family’s new addition and was always ready to stand in whenever I needed a model.

Christy and Napoleon, I loved capturing your beautiful family with my lens.  Congratulations and I hope you get a nap in soon …


Two-Month-Old Baby Portrait Session South Charlotte – Welcome to the world Vincent III


Vincent III was born on 11-5-12.  Two months later I had the pleasure of photographing this precious baby boy and his incredibly loving parents, LaToya and Vincent Jr.  Baby Vincent was the most laid back infant I have ever photographed—putting up with all the wardrobe changes and  silly positions.  He did not fuss until the very end.  Even then, it only lasted about one minute—just long enough for me to snap the last shot.  Thank you LaToya and Vincent for a wonderful afternoon and congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family.